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Tapas menu

Tapas - Meat

Cerdo iberico a la parilla 6.95
grilled iberio pork, reared on acorns, cooked medium (GF)

Fabada Asturiana    6.85
regional Spanish casserole with chorizo, serrano ham, butterbeans and black pudding (GF)

Panza de cerdo  6.25 
slow cooked pork belly served on caramelised onions with a little paprika (GF)

Queso fundido con chorizo   5.95 
sautéed chorizo topped with cheeses & grilled until melted (GF)

Albondigas en salsa de tomate   6.25 
meat balls in a tomato &  smoky chipotle sauce

Pollo rustico   5.95 
strips of chicken breast marinated white wine & aromatic spices (GF) 

Pollo al chilindron   5.95 
chicken breast pieces, with serran ham and red peppers in a red pepper sauce (GF)

Estofado de Ternera   6.25    
beef cooked long & slow with herbs, tomatoes and red peppers

Jamon Serrano - full plate   10.95 
slices of 14 month cured spanish ham (GF)

Jamon Serrano   6.95 
slices of 14 month cured spanish ham (GF)

Plato de embutidos   7.85 
slices of serrano (cured for 14 months), chorizo, lomo & salchichon (GF)

Potato Side Orders

Patatas bravas   5.05 
sauté potatoes in a rich gently spiced tomato sauce (V)

Patatas salteadas   4.55 
sauté potatoes (V & GF)

Patatas salteadas y alioli   4.85 
sauté potatoes with garlic mayonnaise & a sprinkle of paprika (V)

Side Salads

Ensalada mixta   4.55 
a salad of mixed leaves, tomato & red onion (V & GF)

Ensalada de queso de cabra con pinones   6.25 
goats cheese & pine kernel salad served on a bed of dressed mixed leaves (V & GF)

Ensalada de tomate y cebolla   3.95 
slices of tomato & red onion (V & GF)

Tapas - Fish

Calamares    5.45 
deep fried squid rings served with alioli

Pulpo a la Gallega    6.95 
tender octopus with smoked paprika (GF)

Sardinas a la plancha   5.75 

grilled filleted Cornish sardines with lime & parsley dressing (GF)

Sardinas al ajillo   5.75
grilled filleted Cornish sardines with chilli & garlic dressing (GF)

Gambas con pimenton de la vera   6.85 
pan fried king prawns sprinkled with paprika(GF)

Gambas al ajillo   6.85 
pan fried king prawns with garlic & olive oil (GF)

Gambas al ajillo con chili   6.85 
pan fried king prawns with chilli and garlic (GF)

Mejillones en vino blanco   7.25 
local Teign Valley mussels cooked with white wine, shallots & parsley (GF)

Boquerones adobados   4.55 
anchovies marinated in olive oil, vinegar & parsley (GF)

Rape en salsa verde   7.25 
pan fried monkfish in white wine & parsley sauce (GF)



Crema Catalana   5.25 
a spanish crème brûlée (but better)

Peras pochadas en vino tinto   5.25
pears poached in red wine & locally produced vanilla bean icecream made with clotted cream

Tacita de chocolate   5.25
the Spanish introduced chocolate to Europe and here’s our much loved rich chocolate cup served with cream & shortbread biscuits

A trio of mini desserts to share   7.75 
tarta de queso, crema catalana & tacita de chocolate 

Helado Malagueno (made in Newton Abbott)    5.25
rum & raisin ice cream with a shot of Pedro Ximinez sherry (rich, dark and full of plums & raisins on the palette) for pouring - and the raisins are soaked in malaga wine! A real treat to complete your meal.

Helado   4.25 
icecreams made loaclly with clotted cream: vanilla bean, double chocolate chunk, and caramel with caramel icecream or blackcurrant sorbet.

Seleccion de queso con membrillo   7.00 
a simple but tasty selection of Spanish cheeses. Manchego, camembert & goats cheese served with crackers & dulce de membrillo (quince jelly)

Torta de aceite   2.15 
large crisp Spanish biscuit made with olive oil, fennel and almond - delicious!

Bread and Olives

Aceitunas   3.65 
olives (V & GF)

Cesta de pan
bread for one (V)   2.25 
bread for two to share (V)   3.95 

Pan y aceite de olivo
bread & extra virgin olive oil for one (V)  2.65 
bread & extra virgin olive oil for two (V)   4.65 


Tapas - Vegetarian

Queso de cabra con miel    5.15
goats cheese deep fried in tempura batter, served with orange blossom honey

Croquetas de champiñones  5.15
El Bocado handmade mushroom croquettes

Berenjena frita con miel   4.95 
wafer thin tempura aubergine deep fried and Drizzled in honey - just an amazing flavour(V)

Verdura fritas en tempura   4.65 
tempura vegetables served sprinkled with see salt

Pisto    4.65 
courgettes, tomatoes, onions, peppers & aubergines in a rich tomato sauce (GF) 

Piquillos rellenos   4.65
chargrilled sweet red peppers stuffed with cream cheese (GF)

Champiñones al ajillo   4.65 
mushrooms pan fried with white wine, spring onion and garlic (GF)

Tortilla de patatas  4.65 
traditional deep pan spanish omelette (GF)

Queso Manchego   4.95
spanish cheese served with tomato (V & GF)

Seleccion de quesos españoles    6.45
spanish platter of goats cheese, macnhego and blue cheese, served with sweet membrillo (GF)


Our food is freshly prepared to order and therefore during busy times please allow reasonable time for your food to be cooked. We use local produce wherever possible, and import our Spanish ingredients directly from Spain. 

We cannot guarantee that any food will not have come into contact with nuts during preparation.

(V) denotes suitable for Vegetarians. (GF) denotes Gluten Free foods.
All prices include VAT at the current rate. We accept payment by debit or credit card but we do not accept cheques or Amex

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